Hi. I’m Kyle Grinstead.

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Passionate about writing clean code, constant learning, and helping others. Currently working at BILL (on the Divvy product).


Always brainstorming new ideas, building cool stuff with technology, and starting new ventures.


Excited to be living in a state that has so much to offer, from beautiful hikes to amazing skiing and beyond.



Although Rivet is no more, I’m very proud of the product I co-founded and built. If you’re interested, you can check out the iOS or Android source code.

TBA Project

Although it's not ready enough to be announced, I've started working on a project that will hopefully be fruitful and helpful to others! Details to come.


A place to share my thoughts with anyone willing to listen. It’s something I should update more often; right now it’s a little bare.

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Email: kyleag@hey.com