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So it’s been a while since I last posted something. A really long while. Mainly life got in the way: finishing college while working part-time really limited my motivation for side projects. But another barrier was the technology the site and blog were built on.

When researching what to build the site with initially, I stumbled upon Octopress. I had never heard of a static site generator before but liked the idea of being able to use free hosts, have super fast load times, and customize things easily.

I grabbed a template from, built out the basic site, and deployed via Github. I thought it looked pretty good and thought I would make posts somewhat frequently. How wrong I was. About the posting part at least.

Even during setup, I had disliked parts of Octopress. Things seemed very abstracted and I didn’t find the documentation very helpful. I really didn’t want to have to learn a new DSL just to make behavioral changes to the site or blog. At that time I brushed it aside, though, because I was excited to be using a static site generator.

Eventually, a long time (and a computer reformat) later, I decided to write another post. I...

by Kyle Grinstead

What is the future of film?

Although I’m not a hardcore film buff by any means, I’ve been thinking about this question a lot recently.

A Brief History Lesson

Movies as we know them (a set of moving pictures on a flat 2D screen) have been around since 1872. A guy named Eadweard Muybridge (he legally changed his name from Edward) thought it would be cool to string together several pictures taken in rapid succession. Although his method was not the most sophisticated by any means, he put it to the test at a horse race. The images he captured showed the horse’s gallop in slow motion, and this first “video” marked the start of a huge industry. [source]

Muybridge's pictures

Muybridge’s pictures

Of course there were many incredible leaps in film technology over the years (great list here), but the one that sticks out the most is the projector. Although there is some debate over the date and creator, we do know the first basic projector entered the world sometime in the mid 1890s. This invention offered an entirely new way for people to watch film. Before the projector came along, small screens and viewing ports limited the size of the audience to several individuals, if...

by Kyle Grinstead

Welcome to my personal blog and landing page. Right now everything is still being polished up, but soon it should be up and running! I’m hoping to get a post out once every week with thoughts, updates, development tips, etc.